The Resurrection and the Life – New Year’s Resolutions

It is that time again to make and keep your New Year’s resolutions. My resolution is to be kinder to my family my children and to be less critical. Whatever you do you should follow the example of Jesus in the making and keeping of your resolutions. Here is a painting by Doc Christensen called “The Resurrection and the Life” that helps us remember Him. Let us all seek to be kinder as he is, wise as he is and loving as he is in 2014.

The Resurrection and the life by Doc Christensen.

The Resurrection and the life by Doc Christensen.


L.B. Lee 1989 – Prophets Drawing

We recently had an individual ask us about the value and information about this drawing. The drawing shows head shots of each prophet from Joseph Smith to President Benson. The artist signed the drawing with L.B. Lee 1989. They said it was a gift that has been in the family for years. If you have any information about this drawing or are interested in it please comments on this blog post or email us

By L.B. Lee

Prophets by L.B. Lee 1989

Christmas Is Here Again

Christmas-is-Here-AgainIf you want a movie that will melt the heart of even the grinchiest of scrooges this is your movie. This is a cartoon that shares what the world would be like if there was no Christmas and then goes on to show you a little girl who helps bring Christmas back to the world.

Santa’s enemy Krad steels Santa’s sack (which was made of out of the swaddling clothes) and Christmas goes dark for over 30 years. Until this is all uncovered by a little Girl name Sophiana. Sophiana and a group of friends find Krad and help recover Santa’s sack in time for Christmas. There is a surprise ending that makes the movie fun.

The animation is old school. The music is good. The girl who play’s Sophiana’s voice is fantastic. If you can get one of your grinchy relatives, although they probably would not admit it this movie will melt any ones heart.

Sister Missionaries are the Real Tough Guys!

So when I was on my mission, the sister missionaries were tough, the reason that they only serve for 18 months is because they do twice if not three times as much as most elders do in two years. I am so excited that the missionary age was changed to 19 instead of 21 for sisters. We need more sisters to bring the gospel to others. This painting called “Witness for His Name” reminds us of the sacred role that our sisters do for the missionary program and the church.

Witness For His Name - Doc Christensen

Witness For His Name – Doc Christensen

Scripture Study – Spending Time With Family

This holiday season people will be spending time with family and friends. However, we are asked to spend time with our family weekly on with Family Home Evening. We should not have to wait until Christmas to spend time with our family. This painting by Doc Christensen reminds us of the great opportunity that we have to share the gospel and the scriptures with those that we love. The painting is called Scripture Study.

Scripture Study - Doc Christensen

Scripture Study – Doc Christensen

A Soldier’s Prayer – in Your Christmas Prayers

My father served in the military although he never saw war upfront as he was in the reserves I respect him for his willingness to do so if he had been called up to do so.

I have friend who have served their country proud. Although there is political tension, as far as what should or should not be done with the wars going on; and we know there will be many, I still find it somewhat comforting that many who are out serving our country are also praying for this country. I would ask that in your Christmas prayers this year take time to pray ¬†for our soldiers and ask for their safe return home. click here for more information about a Soldier’s Prayer.

Solider Prayer by Tim Bird

Soldier’s Prayer by Tim Bird

BYUtv Now and Then

When I got back from my mission in 2003, I was excited because BYU had a new station called BYUtv at first I thought it was really cool just coming home from a mission, it was all LDS based programming, not just public broadcasting like its KBYU counter part. After a while I started getting tired of Scripture study, General Conference, Education Week, and Simply Living. It was like I was watching general conference all the time. I epsecially disliked the show “Simply Living” the name of the show should have been “Simply Feeling Guilty” it basically just gave you some lady’s opinion on how she thought you should live your life and wanted you to feel guilty for all the things you were not doing right, like spending too much, over eating, and not having your food storage.

About 2 years ago I started noticing that the programming was starting to change. BYU began to branch out and get a bit more “hip” (so to speak) they left the old 24/7 general conference format and moved towards other entertainment. They created a show called “Studio C” which was kind of the “genesis” of this new move, a comedy troop that does a Saturday Night Live type of show with family friendly humor. 5 years ago that would not have even been considered. They created show called “Granite Flats” that it also fun, and “American Ride”.

They have even created great movies like “Silent Night” and the “Letter Writer” I am pleased with the change.

This is what the LDS community wants to see, I am so glad that the old ways of the Church only creating show that make you feel guilty and sermons have been replaced with shows to entertain and inspire. You think that it would have happened sooner but all in the Lord’s timing.

I can now watch all this stuff my ROKU which allows me to stream it to my TV.

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What Does Christmas Really Mean to You?


I avoided calling this post “The True Meaning of Christmas” because I think that is cliche. What Christmas might mean to me is different than what it might mean to another. For example some people might say that it is about the Saviors Birth, (which is what we celebrate) I believe that it is about his life. Christmas is a Christian holiday but it originated from the Catholic Church. Christ’s Mass became Christmas. I have great respect for the Catholics and appreciate what they gave us with Christmas. So for some they might feel that the celebration of Christmas is pagan because of its roots. I love Christmas and I love studying about the life of Jesus. 

I remember when I was about 9 years old we had a Christmas program at our church they did some songs but had a slide show showing the life of Jesus Christ. I asked my primary teacher how long did Jesus live she said 33 years. That was the first time I had ever heard that. This slide show began a life long love of studying the savior life. The true meaning of Christmas is that he lives and he loves us.

One of my favorite paintings is the Hands of the Master, which I think exemplifies what Christmas should be about His life and what he did for us.

May you each have a merry Christmas and find out what Christmas means to you! For this and other paintings please visit



Christ and the Dove Painting

CDove-Lrg-1We are pleased to carry this painting by Doc Christensen. Christ and the dove is a great painting that shows and expresses Doc’s devotion and testimony of Jesus Christ. With all of the negativity in the world and the hatred, we should sit down every once in awhile and ponder upon the peace that the testimony of Jesus has in our lives. We hope that you find joy and love as you ponder the message of this painting. For more information about Christ and the Dove, please visit

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Roku a Good Idea for Mormon Families

Back in 2011 I was trying to find some information on some old television shows that I used to watch when I was a kid. I found that I could watch those episodes on Amazon Instant, however, I was not going to

get them becasue I thought that I would have to use my computer to watch them. I did some research and found that I could stream them to my TV, now I am not much of a streaming kind of guy I prefer owning the DVD because that way I get more freedom. The way I could stream them to my TV was from a little device called the Roku. When I say little device I mean it is a little device. The device is about 3 inches by 3 inches and about 1 inch deep, it can connect through HDMI or regular inputs. My wife was not sold on the idea but I got a Christmas bonus and purchased one and now my wife is hooked too. The reason it is such a valuable tool for Mormon families is:

  1. You can get access to the Mormon Channel 24/7
  2. You have access to BYUTV
  3. You have access to PBS and KBYU shows
  4. You have access to cooking channels
  5. They are all FREE

There are paid services but most of things that you would want to watch would be free, the box itself ranges from $60 – $100. I do pay for a few services such as the Story of Liberty. There are tons of great stuff I would not hesitate to get one again.