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I Hope They Call Me On a Mission, When I Have Grown a Foot or Two

This painting entitled “When I Have Grown a Foot or Two”  by our newest artist Chris White is a fantastic painting for, baptisms, birthdays, priesthood ordinations etc. You could also put this painting in your child’s room to help them remember the missionary service they will be asked to serve in the years to come. We are pleased to have Chris White as part of the ProphetPaintings.com family.

I Hope They Call Me On a Mission


L.B. Lee 1989 – Prophets Drawing

We recently had an individual ask us about the value and information about this drawing. The drawing shows head shots of each prophet from Joseph Smith to President Benson. The artist signed the drawing with L.B. Lee 1989. They said it was a gift that has been in the family for years. If you have any information about this drawing or are interested in it please comments on this blog post or email us support@prophetpaintings.com.

By L.B. Lee

Prophets by L.B. Lee 1989

A Soldier’s Prayer – in Your Christmas Prayers

My father served in the military although he never saw war upfront as he was in the reserves I respect him for his willingness to do so if he had been called up to do so.

I have friend who have served their country proud. Although there is political tension, as far as what should or should not be done with the wars going on; and we know there will be many, I still find it somewhat comforting that many who are out serving our country are also praying for this country. I would ask that in your Christmas prayers this year take time to pray  for our soldiers and ask for their safe return home. click here for more information about a Soldier’s Prayer.

Solider Prayer by Tim Bird

Soldier’s Prayer by Tim Bird

In Search of Geo M. Boardman and His Art and Mrs. Milburn Button

The other day I received an email with a very interesting question, a lady from Washington State asked if I knew anything about a velvet copy of the painting of Joseph Smith originally done by Alvin Gittens but copied by Geo M. Boardman. So of course I go to Google to do some research and to my amazement I could not find anything on Geo M. Boardman. I went to the church website and no information in any magazines or literature of the Church. I wonder if Geo is short for George? I searched that too and could not come up with anything concrete. The original painting was done in 1959 the copy was done in 1969 below are pictures of the painting and the only known clues that we currently have. The painting was donated to Louisville stake probably that same year by a Mrs. Milburn Button. If anyone has any information on this that would be fantastic. Please comment below.

Message received on January 23, 2012

I am a member of the Church currently living in WA state.  I came across a pastel on velvet portrait of the prophet Joseph Smith.  It’s a copy of
Alvin Gittens’ 1959 portrait of the prophet. The portrait was made in 1969 by Geo M. Boardman and the piece was donated to a Louisville stake by Mrs. Milburn Button.  I was wondering if you know anything about Geo Boardman?

I would love your opinion on the piece also. Thank you.



Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith

Painting Signature - Geo M. Boardman

Painting Signature – Geo M. Boardman

Brendan Clary New Artist – First Presidency and Thomas S. Monson Painting

Brendan Clary, contacted us at ProphetPaintings.com with his new LDS art we now carry two paintings more to come. As I met with Brendan Clary I was very impressed with his art and know that one day he will be a very popular LDS artist.

Brendan Clary is a recent graduate from BYU-Idaho, where he received his Bachelor degree in Fine Art. Brendan was fortunate to study under talented professional artists while on full scholarship, and graduated in the top 5 percent of his class. Brendan hopes to use his artistic skills to express his passionate love for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is especially fond of portraiture work where he can share the Savior’s Image as it shines through the countenance of others.

Brendan is currently working at his studio in West Jordan, Utah where he specializes in private portrait commissions other religious works.

It is Brendan’s desire to use his testimony, his service and his art to help bring souls unto Christ.

We wish Brendan the best and welcome him as part of the ProphetPaintings.com family.

George D. Durrant – Artist

I am an avid reader of LDS church literature. When I was a kid a read a book by George D. Durrant. I met Brother Durrant recently and he spoke to me of his interest in getting his own artwork out the general public. He painted a beautiful water color painting of the America Fork Temple called “Houses of the Lord” I am excited to present this painting to others.

Houses of the Lord by George D. Durrant

Houses of the Lord by George D. Durrant

New Relgious Children’s Book Added to www.ProphetPaintings.com

A new children’s religious book has been published and is now available on the website http://www.prophetpaintings.com the book is entitled “I Have Faith” Book 1 in the I Will Follow Jesus Series Contains 24 original illustrations Includes sheet music to original song “I Will Follow Jesus”

This Christian Children’s Book is the first in a newly released series designed to teach young children gospel principles in a simple, meaningful way. This book is exclusive to http://www.prophetpaintings.com and cannot be purchased in stores. “I Have Faith” is available in softcover, 8 ½ by 11 inches in size. The type is large, and each page contains a simple phrase to help young children who are learning to read.

I Have Faith Children's Book