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Two Five Nine – AMEN – Missionary Music

259When I was a missionary in Florida, I found a tape of this group Two Five Nine. I absolutely loved the album, the music was a bit of a change from the hymns I was used to, however, you can now purchase the album on MP3 on Amazon. I was at the BYU bookstore about a year after my mission and found the CD, since I prefer CDs over digital downloads. I am glad I did since it is now out of print.

The song list is as follows:

Abide With Me – A variation the Hymn from the LDS Hymn book
Press Forward – Really nice song to listen to on a quiet Sunday afternoon
Sweet is the Work – Another variation of our Hymn
Peace I Leave With You – This is a song based on the word of the savior found in the book of John 14:27
I Need Thee Every Hour – Another Hymn Variation
A Mother’s Eyes – A tribute to mothers
These Are Angels – This is a great song that helps remind us that the Lord is watching out. This gave comfort to my wife when she was struggling
I Know That My Redeemer Lives – Another Hymn variation
Watch The Lamb – A beautiful song that that helps us remember the Savior, it is like watching a movie in your mind
Where Can I Turn For Peace – “. . . He understand me . . .” I love this variation of the popular hymn
O Lord, My Redeemer – Great song to remind us of the Savior
Two Little Boys – A lesser known song about two boys who grow up playing soldiers and become soldiers themselves. This song is fun to listen to
Amazing Grace – Not sung very often in our church meetings but beautiful none the less.
Little Innocent Lamb – Sounds like a Bible belt song to me but is really really great to listen to
There is a Meetin’ – Sounds like another Bible belt song really great

Some of the songs are a bit out of the ordinary LDS mold but I really enjoyed listening to this on my mission and really enjoy listening to it now.

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I Hope They Call Me On a Mission, When I Have Grown a Foot or Two

This painting entitled “When I Have Grown a Foot or Two”  by our newest artist Chris White is a fantastic painting for, baptisms, birthdays, priesthood ordinations etc. You could also put this painting in your child’s room to help them remember the missionary service they will be asked to serve in the years to come. We are pleased to have Chris White as part of the family.

I Hope They Call Me On a Mission

Mr. Wizard’s World DVD Sets

Although this would not be considered a Mormon thing. Many Mormon children who were baby boomers, or those that grew up in the late 80s early 90s would remember Mr. Wizard. When I was about 5 years old I would watch Mr. Wizard’s World all the time. I loved the show. Recently I found the website here you can buy box sets of the show from the 1950s and 60s called “Watch Mr. Wizard” you can also purchase the Nickelodeon version as well that was done in the 80s. My boy who wants to be an Astronaut when he grows up loves the show as it teaches about science. Although the box sets are a bit of money they are well worth the cost. You will get hours of entertainment from them. Think about it, you go to Denny’s and pick up a sandwich, fries and a drink and pay 20 – $30 or $70 if you take your whole family. For about that much you can get a large set of Mr. Wizard DVDs that will last a lifetime.

I would recommend to anybody that they get these, this is what peaked my interest in science and technology.

L.B. Lee 1989 – Prophets Drawing

We recently had an individual ask us about the value and information about this drawing. The drawing shows head shots of each prophet from Joseph Smith to President Benson. The artist signed the drawing with L.B. Lee 1989. They said it was a gift that has been in the family for years. If you have any information about this drawing or are interested in it please comments on this blog post or email us

By L.B. Lee

Prophets by L.B. Lee 1989

Roku a Good Idea for Mormon Families

Back in 2011 I was trying to find some information on some old television shows that I used to watch when I was a kid. I found that I could watch those episodes on Amazon Instant, however, I was not going to

get them becasue I thought that I would have to use my computer to watch them. I did some research and found that I could stream them to my TV, now I am not much of a streaming kind of guy I prefer owning the DVD because that way I get more freedom. The way I could stream them to my TV was from a little device called the Roku. When I say little device I mean it is a little device. The device is about 3 inches by 3 inches and about 1 inch deep, it can connect through HDMI or regular inputs. My wife was not sold on the idea but I got a Christmas bonus and purchased one and now my wife is hooked too. The reason it is such a valuable tool for Mormon families is:

  1. You can get access to the Mormon Channel 24/7
  2. You have access to BYUTV
  3. You have access to PBS and KBYU shows
  4. You have access to cooking channels
  5. They are all FREE

There are paid services but most of things that you would want to watch would be free, the box itself ranges from $60 – $100. I do pay for a few services such as the Story of Liberty. There are tons of great stuff I would not hesitate to get one again.


The Christmas Child

Christmas_ChildMy wife and I try to do a Sunday movie night after the kids go to bed. Last night my wife and I watched the Christmas child. The movie was about a man who had been adopted and he never knew anything about his birth parents. His birthday was on Christmas Eve and he knows that he was born in Clearwater Texas because of a photograph of a church, that he had obtained from his fathers safe deposit box. His wife wanted him to stay home instead of taking an assignment in Dallas, since he has been distant from her in recent months. He goes to Texas, with the hope of finding out about his birth, but does not explain that to his wife, she thinks that he is just being selfish and leaving only to focus on his career. He ends up finding out about his birth mother and his grandfather after he does an investigation. I won’t spoil the ending cause it is quite powerful.

I love the spiritual nature of the film. The man ask “Can a man change?” and his Grandfather says “I hope so” I think that is all of our hopes.

The film uses the talents of Steven Curtis Chapman who does a great job, he tells the man that we have not only earthly parents, or adopted earthly parents that love us very much but also a Heavenly Father who loves us. It was interesting that they used the name “Heavenly Father” which is used not as often in other Christian circles other than the LDS church.

I find the movie comforting to me.

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The Oak Ridge Boys Christmas

Oak Ridge Boys ChristamasA few years back, I went to the Conference Center and watched the Oak Ridge Boys performing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. It was incredible. The choir began to raise the roof with their hand begging the Oak Ridge Boys to perform their signature song “Elvira”. The lead singers was told by the choir members that it would not be an Oak Ridge Boys concert if they did not sing the song Elvira. So they sang the song and you could see the choir rocking out. It was different to say the least.

One song that they performed stood out to me “Thank God for Kids” a simple song about how we need to treasure the moments with our children. I went to Deseret Industries and looked for  any Oak Ridge Boys albums I could find on LP (Vinyl Records).

I found the “Oak Ridge Boys Christmas”

which I fell in love with. However, old records are clunky they are cool but clunky. I listened to it over and over again last Christmas.

For family performance we found the sheet music to the song “Thank God for Kids” and sang that for our family program we do every year.

I have lots of favorite songs on the album, one that stood out to me was the song “little One” which is a song about a dad who sees his little daughter sitting next to the fire place as she dreams of Christmas and he is excited in his heart that Christmas is here for his daughter and he takes her to bed. Then it switches to Joseph and Mary. Mary rests and Joseph marvels at the new little boy and is excited in his heart that God now has taken on flesh and come into the world.

I tried to find the CD and thought I had found it but it was the wrong one there are two albums both are good but the “Oak Ridge Boys Christmas” is superior to “A Christmas with the Oak Ridge Boys” I finally went onto Amazon and actually found the right album. I look forward to listening to it this Christmas. I start celebrating Christmas at Thanksgiving.

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BSA 100 Years of Scouting in the Church

I was one of the privileged people to attend the 100 year anniversary of the Boy Scouts and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. What a magnificent production, everything from the costumes to the music and more. It was a great production, I sure hope that even though streaming is taking over as a preferred method of watching videos that the Church decides to release it on DVD or Blu Ray. You can watch the production on or on the website. If you have a ROKU like I do you can stream it directly to your TV the picture quality though is less than optimal.

The church did a really great job with the program.

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Charlie Brown Holiday Specials

Though not a Mormon thing, the Charlie Brown holiday specials will always have a place in my media library. We recently purchased the Charlie Brown holiday specials on Blu Ray. This was great decisions. They are quite spiritual in nature. In a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, Linus quotes one of the original Thanksgiving prayers. In a Charlie Brown Christmas, Linus reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas by quoting the King James Version of the Christmas story found in Luke 2.

The Great Pumpkin is fun though not too spiritual of a message or meaning. However my 1 (almost 2 year old) daughter was running around the house yelling “Great Pumpkin, Great Pumpkin”

In a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Charlie Brown is convinced to host Thanksgiving he serves toast, pop corn, jelly beans, and pretzels, he is chastised for doing so by his friends. my wife and I both agreed that our children would rather have that Thanksgiving dinner than a traditional turkey, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce. Our children unfortunately are picky eaters, however, all those things they will eat.

Mormons love the message of Charlie Brown.

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It’s a Miracle – LDS Stage Play – Janice Kapp Perry

So the other day I was going through my movie collection and found “It’s a Miracle” an old LDS stage play from the 1980s. What a great little movie. My wife was mad at first that I was forcing her to watch it, but, by the end we were both reeling on the couch from laughter. It is a very funny insightful, though dated, stage play. My wife did not grow up with the film but she did grow up with the music and she was excited, she had the sound track growing up. Unfortunately the video tape copy that I inherited from my Grandmother had some audio problems. I quickly went on the internet to try to find a copy on DVD and I found a copy on Janice Kapp Perry’s website.

This movie is great and I would recommend it to anybody who enjoys Mormon stage plays and wants a trip down memory lane.

You will want to consider getting this soon before it goes out of print and you can’t find it anymore.

DVD Cover for It's a Miracle

Here is the cover for the film. The added bonus is that the DVD also comes with a CD of the original soundtrack a great added bonus.

Song Titles

  • It’s a Miracle Overture
  • How Can I Thank Thee
  • Me, a Missionary
  • I Know Everything
  • Forever I Love You
  • Beyond This Moment
  • Michael’s Decision
  • It’s a Miracle (reprise)
  • In the Hollow of Thy Hand
  • A Missionary’s Prayer
  • MTC Victory Song
  • We’re Companions
  • I Love To Be a Guardian Angel
  • Where Is Heaven
  • He’s All I Ever Wanted
  • Well Done
  • It’s a Miracle (finale)

I remember back in the 80s and early 90s when you would go to a missionary farewell and the musical number would consist of a choir of 16 – 18 year old girls singing “In the Hollow of Thy Hand”, watching the movie helped me remember the sacredness of the song and that it was meant to be a song that was a message from a father and mother to their missionary son. I used to not like the song because of the stigma it received from missionary farewells, I am glad I can appreciate the true meaning of the song. There are two other references to the “hallow of thy hand”  an old Irish blessing:

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Isaiah speaks of the hallow of His hand in Isaiah 40:12

“12 ¶Who hath measured the waters in the hollow of his hand, and meted out heaven with the span, and comprehended the dust of the earth in a measure, and weighed the mountains in scales, and the hills in a balance?”

Enjoy this great piece of forgotten LDS pop culture.