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The Phone Call

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The LDS classic the phone call can now be downloaded or streamed for free on the LDS website here

What a great classic movie. This movie reminds youth of their potential and that they are worth waiting for the right person.

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A Child’s Prayer – Doc Christensen

ACP-LrgA Child’s Prayer” reminds us of the sacred times that we share with our children in prayer. Prayer can change our perspective give us renewed hope. Children are very close to the spirit and teaching them to pray helps them learn that there is a Heavenly Father who loves them very much.

Hoops LDS Movie

HoopsEvery now and then I like to go to my local library and check this out. For some reason this is in the non-fiction section so it is free to rent. I watch it and almost like it but it always leaves something to be desired. The idea is cool. A younger brother trying to get his older brother to go on a mission after his older brother left the MTC because he is was not ready. The younger brother and him play basketball as a metaphor for life and is the thing that brings them together. There is a short moment that is almost touching where the younger brother tell him about an experience he had in the MTC about a Sister missionary telling him that she began to feel thing with her heart rather than her mind.

This is not a terrible movie just something is missing when the older brother finally gets converted you just don’t quite feel it. The passion is not there. Both actors have let some people down with their choices and you might think that is why I feel the way I do it is not, people are human and make mistakes and I don’t condemn them at all.

It is weird even though this movie is not on my A list I still enjoy watching it every once in a while.

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Singles Ward 12 Years Later

SinglesWardI got hurt on my mission and had to come home. I got home in 2002 and my family took me to see “The Singles Ward” while I was recovering. I was blown away by how funny it was. I had never seen Mormons making fun of themselves like that before. Then just like all movies time wears on and the charm begins to wear out, then everyone starts making fun of it, and what was once cool becomes uncool. I bought the DVD when it first came out and watched it several times but then the movie laid waiting on the shelf for a few years.

I look forward to my Sunday night movie with my wife. We try to watch something that is Sunday worthy after the kids go to bed. We pulled out “The Singles Ward” last night. Both my wife and I are ex-single warders, we actually met in a stake singles ward, and the rest is history. Singles wards really have only 2 purposes, to worship and to get young adults to marry (more specifically in the temple) that’s it!

Watching this movie brought back some good memories, however, it is really dated:

  1. Pagers are really outdated, who has a pager anymore? Coincidentally who had a pager back in 2002? Even back then cell phones were pretty popular and if he was as successful as he claimed to be he should have had a cell phone.
  2. There are no paper day planners anymore, the industry has changed to electronic devices, Eldon carrying around a planner is kind of funny but does date the movie a bit, at the end him and his wife show that they have evolved and were now using palm pilots, also an outdated technology.
  3. Super Dell the computer guy, it has been a while. Nuff said
  4. Many of the guest actors have passed on or not really in the main stream anymore. and the rising generation will have no idea who they are.

Since it is based in pop culture the movie will eventually fade with time and only those older Millennials/Generation Xer or Ys will remember the show. If I were to show my kids they would have no clue.

However, this movie is still pretty funny. I think it would be a waste of time to show the movie to a non-member or recently baptized member because at that point the movie would not make sense. Most of the movie is just a bunch of inside jokes. Now that it has been 12 years why not give it a try and see what you think. Has time worn this movie out or is it a keeper?

Sisterz in Zion, DVD

PuenteSisterzI often browse through, Deseret Book and Seagull book looking for new material. On the discounted table at Seagull Book I saw this movie, “Sisterz in Zion” I grabbed a copy and decided to sit down and watch it with my wife, hey the film was cheap! The story follows some girls (mostly Hispanic) from New York City who are members of the LDS Church who go to EFY in Provo.

I could kind of relate I have been to lots of youth activities, however, I never went to EFY though.

I thought this movie did a really good job at showing the contrast between sheltered Utah and the ghettos of New York City. I guess I was pretty sheltered until I got to Venezuela on my mission and realized how different the world really was. I had extenuating circumstances and I finished my mission in Florida. I knew a lot of people in Florida just like the girls show in the film, since a lot of people were leaving New York to come to Florida when I was there (and probably still are). I visited with many New Yorkers and Puerto Ricans while there, so attitudes of the girls in this film did not surprise me at all. Coincidentally the living conditions in New York was what really surprised me, this was the first film I have ever seen that actually showed what it was like for people to live in New York. I have seen plenty of films about New York but this actually gave a clear picture of the living conditions of the many people which is sub par.

Many of these girls joined the church when they were older kids like 10 – 13 or in their early teens. It was interesting that they kind of had to learn to live like Mormons without having a lot of examples in their lives, it shows how living in Utah you have a support system that is unparalleled.

When they got to Utah they realized how clean and tidy the streets were. They were surprised to see that there were barrels of candy and other things right in the front of the store where it could have easily been stolen, something that just would have never been done in New York.

EFY was a good experience for them. They had never been around so many people with high standards and moral. Since this is just a review I don’t want to go into too much detail about each thing that happened in the film however, I would highly recommend this film to anybody I think that this film is a good film to show youth groups so that they really understand what life is like without having a support system and living the gospel solo.

One of my favorite parts of the film is when they showed clips of a S. Michael Wilcox talk about the nourishment that we receive Jacob 5:22 was quoted and he said that it matters very little where we were planted but that it is how we respond to the nourishment we receive.

At that end the Young women’s general president Susan W. Tanner speaks to them about staying strong which was quite touching, they also did a “Where are they now” segment at the end showing how this experience really shaped their lives.

I would not hesitate to recommend this movie as good way to kick back on a Sunday afternoon.

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Two Five Nine – AMEN – Missionary Music

259When I was a missionary in Florida, I found a tape of this group Two Five Nine. I absolutely loved the album, the music was a bit of a change from the hymns I was used to, however, you can now purchase the album on MP3 on Amazon. I was at the BYU bookstore about a year after my mission and found the CD, since I prefer CDs over digital downloads. I am glad I did since it is now out of print.

The song list is as follows:

Abide With Me – A variation the Hymn from the LDS Hymn book
Press Forward – Really nice song to listen to on a quiet Sunday afternoon
Sweet is the Work – Another variation of our Hymn
Peace I Leave With You – This is a song based on the word of the savior found in the book of John 14:27
I Need Thee Every Hour – Another Hymn Variation
A Mother’s Eyes – A tribute to mothers
These Are Angels – This is a great song that helps remind us that the Lord is watching out. This gave comfort to my wife when she was struggling
I Know That My Redeemer Lives – Another Hymn variation
Watch The Lamb – A beautiful song that that helps us remember the Savior, it is like watching a movie in your mind
Where Can I Turn For Peace – “. . . He understand me . . .” I love this variation of the popular hymn
O Lord, My Redeemer – Great song to remind us of the Savior
Two Little Boys – A lesser known song about two boys who grow up playing soldiers and become soldiers themselves. This song is fun to listen to
Amazing Grace – Not sung very often in our church meetings but beautiful none the less.
Little Innocent Lamb – Sounds like a Bible belt song to me but is really really great to listen to
There is a Meetin’ – Sounds like another Bible belt song really great

Some of the songs are a bit out of the ordinary LDS mold but I really enjoyed listening to this on my mission and really enjoy listening to it now.

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I Hope They Call Me On a Mission, When I Have Grown a Foot or Two

This painting entitled “When I Have Grown a Foot or Two”  by our newest artist Chris White is a fantastic painting for, baptisms, birthdays, priesthood ordinations etc. You could also put this painting in your child’s room to help them remember the missionary service they will be asked to serve in the years to come. We are pleased to have Chris White as part of the family.

I Hope They Call Me On a Mission

Mr. Wizard’s World DVD Sets

Although this would not be considered a Mormon thing. Many Mormon children who were baby boomers, or those that grew up in the late 80s early 90s would remember Mr. Wizard. When I was about 5 years old I would watch Mr. Wizard’s World all the time. I loved the show. Recently I found the website here you can buy box sets of the show from the 1950s and 60s called “Watch Mr. Wizard” you can also purchase the Nickelodeon version as well that was done in the 80s. My boy who wants to be an Astronaut when he grows up loves the show as it teaches about science. Although the box sets are a bit of money they are well worth the cost. You will get hours of entertainment from them. Think about it, you go to Denny’s and pick up a sandwich, fries and a drink and pay 20 – $30 or $70 if you take your whole family. For about that much you can get a large set of Mr. Wizard DVDs that will last a lifetime.

I would recommend to anybody that they get these, this is what peaked my interest in science and technology.

Witness For His Name Sister Missionary Armor Of God

Witness For His Name - Doc Christensen

Witness For His Name – Doc Christensen

We Need more sister missionaries!

Sister missionaries are amazing and now with the lowering of the age of sisters being able to go out at age 19 we need as many as we can. I had a missionary companion that used to say that the reason that sisters served for 18 months instead of 2 years is because they did twice as much as the elders in the shorter time. This painting is available at