Singles Ward 12 Years Later

SinglesWardI got hurt on my mission and had to come home. I got home in 2002 and my family took me to see “The Singles Ward” while I was recovering. I was blown away by how funny it was. I had never seen Mormons making fun of themselves like that before. Then just like all movies time wears on and the charm begins to wear out, then everyone starts making fun of it, and what was once cool becomes uncool. I bought the DVD when it first came out and watched it several times but then the movie laid waiting on the shelf for a few years.

I look forward to my Sunday night movie with my wife. We try to watch something that is Sunday worthy after the kids go to bed. We pulled out “The Singles Ward” last night. Both my wife and I are ex-single warders, we actually met in a stake singles ward, and the rest is history. Singles wards really have only 2 purposes, to worship and to get young adults to marry (more specifically in the temple) that’s it!

Watching this movie brought back some good memories, however, it is really dated:

  1. Pagers are really outdated, who has a pager anymore? Coincidentally who had a pager back in 2002? Even back then cell phones were pretty popular and if he was as successful as he claimed to be he should have had a cell phone.
  2. There are no paper day planners anymore, the industry has changed to electronic devices, Eldon carrying around a planner is kind of funny but does date the movie a bit, at the end him and his wife show that they have evolved and were now using palm pilots, also an outdated technology.
  3. Super Dell the computer guy, it has been a while. Nuff said
  4. Many of the guest actors have passed on or not really in the main stream anymore. and the rising generation will have no idea who they are.

Since it is based in pop culture the movie will eventually fade with time and only those older Millennials/Generation Xer or Ys will remember the show. If I were to show my kids they would have no clue.

However, this movie is still pretty funny. I think it would be a waste of time to show the movie to a non-member or recently baptized member because at that point the movie would not make sense. Most of the movie is just a bunch of inside jokes. Now that it has been 12 years why not give it a try and see what you think. Has time worn this movie out or is it a keeper?

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