The Christmas Child

Christmas_ChildMy wife and I try to do a Sunday movie night after the kids go to bed. Last night my wife and I watched the Christmas child. The movie was about a man who had been adopted and he never knew anything about his birth parents. His birthday was on Christmas Eve and he knows that he was born in Clearwater Texas because of a photograph of a church, that he had obtained from his fathers safe deposit box. His wife wanted him to stay home instead of taking an assignment in Dallas, since he has been distant from her in recent months. He goes to Texas, with the hope of finding out about his birth, but does not explain that to his wife, she thinks that he is just being selfish and leaving only to focus on his career. He ends up finding out about his birth mother and his grandfather after he does an investigation. I won’t spoil the ending cause it is quite powerful.

I love the spiritual nature of the film. The man ask “Can a man change?” and his Grandfather says “I hope so” I think that is all of our hopes.

The film uses the talents of Steven Curtis Chapman who does a great job, he tells the man that we have not only earthly parents, or adopted earthly parents that love us very much but also a Heavenly Father who loves us. It was interesting that they used the name “Heavenly Father” which is used not as often in other Christian circles other than the LDS church.

I find the movie comforting to me.

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