Joseph Smith Plates of Gold – Blu Ray Review

I purchased “Joseph Smith: Plates of Gold” on blu-ray. I watched it Sunday night with my wife. I loved the film. A few things stood out to me.

  1. Many of the actors were significantly younger than they usually are in such films. Joseph Smith was quite young and so was the actress that played Emma. This helped me realize that Joseph was indeed quite young when these events took place. Emma and Joseph were in there early 20s.
  2. The movie focused on one event. Usually these kinds of films try to tell the whole story which would take a mini-series, I would assume that creating a mini-series is actually what they are trying to do since this was called “Volume 1” don’t know if we will see “Volume 2” anytime soon though.
  3. The blu-ray transfer was amazing, I noticed this even though my TV is old and only displays 1080i I still thought that the quality of film or digitization was great.
  4. Very good Camera techniques, there is a shot where Emma and Joseph are talking, Joseph is in the background, and while Emma is speaking Joseph becomes blurry and then they switch for dramatic effect.
  5. They did the Book of Mormon chronology correct. Most of the time when the translation of the plates is portrayed they start with “I Nephi having been born of goodly parents . . .” Joseph started out in the Book of Lehi, when the pages were lost, the they actually started out either “Words of Mormon” or “Mosiah” and then translated until he came to the Books of Nephi. It was good see them being as accurate as possible.
  6. They told the story without any special effects, was this to save money? Perhaps it was, however, I kind of think it was a style choice. In today’s world special effects are actually quite affordable. I think this allowed for the story of Joseph Smith to be told keeping the main things the main things. It allows us to look at what happened to Joseph Smith by faith.

I do have to say that the films the Church produces have more of the spirit with them, this is because they are Church approved and they prayed over and worked through by the First Presidency. The spirit of this film was not quite the same as the films produced by the Church however, it was still very well done. I also like that the film showed Joseph as a real person.

I recommend this film to anyone who likes LDS films. I always recommend that you watch movies in blu-ray you will get better quality than, DVD or streaming.

Below is the trailer for this film, enjoy!

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