Introductory Gospel Messages on DVD

I have been waiting for this for a long time the Church is finally releasing Introductory Gospel Messages on DVD which includes:

Five gospel segments, Our Heavenly Father’s Plan, Together Forever, What is Real, Labor of Love, and The Prodigal Son.

While I was serving a mission in Orlando Florida, I had an old video tape of these in Spanish. These were some of the best films about the Church you can obtain these at a Church Distribution center, the only concern is that the website does not have the English version of these DVDs. You can also purchase them on Deseret Book or Deseret Book’s website.

I would show a picture on here but I am not able to due to copyright restrictions. Go pick up a copy today at your local distribution center:

Five gospel segments:

  • Our Heavenly Father’s Plan – This is that video with the guy on a horse talking about his conversion to the church
  • Together Forever – Talks about the importance of marriage and how to strengthen marriage
  • What is Real – A film that has James Hampton who was in, Hawmps! and Teen Wolf
  • Labor of Love – A film about missionaries and their service
  • The Prodigal Son – A film about forgiveness and repentance

Hope you enjoy the movies.

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