My Special Ones – LDS Family Artwork

One of my favorite pieces of LDS art by Doc Christensen is called “My Special Ones

This piece speaks for itself, however it does appear that the boy that is standing in his mother’s lap does have down syndrome. This painting means a lot to me. Although I don’t have a child with this special needs, I have know several children and adults who have. One of my favorite movies is called Shorty a story of an older man in his 50s who has this special need, it shows his life and his wish to have his favorite college football team to beat their arch rivals. The reason this is such a inspirational film is because most with down syndrome don’t live past their mid 20s. He loved everybody and everybody loved him because of his positive attitude and great outlook on life. I knew an individual who had these special challenges, he passed away at 23 years old. I know these people are close to our heavenly father.

My Special Ones

My Special Ones

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