Month: September 2011

Pollyanna an LDS Perspective

I was watching the movie Pollyanna (the 1960 Disney version) with my children today. I watched the preacher preaching hell, fire, and damnation. It was quite funny. Wonder what our sacrament meetings would be like if we had fierce preachers yelling at us.

What a great movie, this movie takes me back to my childhood. I watched this movie over and over again, however, now that I am older and an adult my perspective on the movie has changed.

I just downloaded the book by Eleanor H. Porter from and the movie is quite different from the book.

For some reason this movie strikes a chord with LDS members. I am not sure why but coming from a film background the movie is almost perfect everything from the costumes to the music. This is almost a perfect movie.

Recently BYU-TV has been playing lots of old Disney movies on Sunday nights like Toby Tyler, The Cat From Outer Space etc. The channel used to be general conference 24/7 which was okay for a while but I am glad they are showing other things. They have had several presentations on LDS art and LDS artists like Del Parsons and others. LDS members love to watch great movies that are okay for the whole family to watch I guess that is why I like Pollyanna.

Coming from a film background I found it interesting there was an old silent version of the film. I still like my old Disney version that I grew up with.