Armor of God Painting Great Missionary Gifts

I heard on that they are going to remodle the MTC and make it better, I have fond memories of entering the MTC when I was a missionary several years ago.

As I helped my brother-in-law prepare for his mission by having him stay with us while he was waiting the enter the MTC the “Armor of God Painting” and “Called to Serve Painting” have come to mind. I love these paintings. I wish that I had them while I was on my mission The painting Armor of God is a painting by Doc Christensen he actually used my brother as the model for that particular painting.

These paintings picture a missionary looking in the mirror with the savior helping them put on the whole armor of God which is a reference to the scriptures in the Bible that refer to the Armor of God.

Sister missionaries are also included in this missionary art. Doc did a painting called “Witness for His Name” a painting of a young sister missionary preparing fo the day.

Missionary art makes such great gifts for missionaries because it is something they can take with them from area to area. Small prints are great because they can carry them with them in their scriptures.

Missionaries have a tough job, while I was on my mission a former gang member and ex convict who was converted to the church told me that missionaries are the “real tough guys”

What a great experience a mission is. Missionaries love simple things like LDS art or things that they can remember why they are there.


  1. Outstanding pictures. Please call me at 678-779-6680.

    I am Charles Brooks of “Armor of God Ministries (

    I would like to talk with you about these pictures..

    Please call tomorrow, 11-21-11

  2. I LOVE these paintings! They depict so well the internal action that a christian undertakes (should do) before leaving his/her home to go out there and live or preach God’s Word. So beautifully depicted here!

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