Jolynn Forman – New LDS Artist

Jolynn Forman is a new LDS artist. She has just painting the painting called “Book of Mormon Stories” and “Women’s Voices From the Dust” these two paintings show the scriptures being read by children showing their dream world. This new type of LDS art should become very popular. We are pleased to welcome Jolynn to the ProphetPainting family.


  1. I note this artwork could work very well as a program cover for this year’s Primary program: I know the scriptures are true.

    Are there any available?

    1. Wendy thank you for your question. You should be able to use the painting for your sacrament meeting program just by downloading the picture from or off this blog site and then use it for a sacrament meeting cover, however, it would be best to get permission from the artist directly she can be contacted at I can also contact the artist and find out if we could make some sacrament meeting covers. We are happy that you love the print and hope that you can inspire your primary to love the scriptures. This print is only available at let your friends know. We are going to hang one in your little boy’s room, remember there is also a version for little girls as well.

      1. That last phrase should have read in “our little boy’s room” I sometimes type faster than I think.

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