Top 10 Reasons Mormons Should Use Ubuntu Linux

Do I think that all Mormons should use Linux? In a short answer yes, however, I think that all people should you Linux. The purpose of this article is to show why Linux is a great alternative to Windows for people of the LDS persuasion.

1. More secure – People of the LDS faith don’t want garbage from the internet in their home using a good Linux distro such as Ubuntu will help aid families in this quest.

2. Indexing – Indexing is a way to make public records available in a digital format for genealogists since indexing is Java and Java is built right into the operating system it is a perfect fit for doing indexing in secure fast environment you just have to download the Java based application and program from the family search website save it to your desktop and you can index today.

3. Children – Children who browse the internet often will get viruses on the computer. Many Mormon families have a lot of children. Using Ubuntu will help make sure that your computer is virus free.

4. You can search for Kolob – Ubuntu comes with free software I personally love to download new applications for free. They have many applications that show star charts these are quite fun to look at the creations of God.

5. Get out of debt – Why buy a brand new computer only to have it slow down within a week of its first use? Computers are really cheap in today’s world. Go find a neighbor or a friend who has a computer that has some nasty virus on it that is a year to two years old and install Ubuntu on it. They will probably sell it to you for a 10% of the price they purchased it for and you will have a lightning fast computer for relatively cheap. I went to a computer warehouse and purchased a computer and a flat screen monitor for about $130 and installed ubuntu myself. When you are buying a new computer you are often paying for the operating system. Ubuntu is free!

6. Education – I can’t believe the amount of educational software that is available all for free! There are educational games, space demonstrations, typing lessons, and so much more.

7. Tux Paint – My little 3 year old made a picture for his me (his daddy) and printed it out for me using a program called Tux paint. These programs will teach computer skills to children early on.

8. Family History – Have you ever wanted to edit photos of Uncle Jim, or put together family histories with graphics? Well ubuntu comes with free software that you can do that with. Again there is no cost.

9. Wine – If you still need to run certain programs like your scriptures or genealogy program no problem, Wine is a program that allows you to run windows programs on your ubuntu computer. Mormons have been told to stay away from alcoholic beverages but in this case I think it will be okay.

10. Just plain better – Sometimes things in life are just plain better this is one of those times.

I run my entire business using Ubuntu Linux, I sell LDS art at

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