Looking for a specific LDS painting of Christ as Baby with Tribal Cloth

I received and inquiry from a lady who is looking for a specific painting. This painting was in the Ensign or New Era a few years back however, the online versions of the church magazines don’t show the original artwork. if anyone knows where this painting is please contact me at support@prophetpaintings.com this art can probably be found in a December or November edition of one of the Church magazines. Below is a letter and description of the painting.

Thanks for your help.

Dear Brother Bowen,

Since you are involved in LDS Art, I thought you might know of a painting I saw – I could swear it was a church magazine-   of the infant Jesus in swaddling clothes, but the swaddling clothes (as explained in the caption) were the striped pattern of cloth symbolizing the tribe of His lineage.  It was a beautiful painting!  But I’ve written the Church magazines and without more information, they could not help.  Any ideas where I might turn to find this painting? Thanks so much!
I was glad to find your website – I have a very large print of the original prophets in the temple – it’s very outdated now, tho!  But still love the concept of them all together : )
V. Taylor

One comment

  1. I found the information you are looking for it appears that it was not a painting though. According to the website:

    “Swaddling Bands

    “While the groom built their new home, the bride also made preparations, including the embroidery of the swaddling bands with which the couple’s hands would be wrapped under the wedding canopy. Later these bands would also be used to secure blankets or swaddling clothes around the couple’s infant children. The symbols on the bands often indicated family history. Mary was from the tribe of Judah, so she may have used symbols common to that lineage such as a lion, a lamb, or a tree of life. As a descendant of David, she was also entitled to use the royal colors of blue and white. The symbolic significance of swaddling bands was so important that the embroidery on each side of the swaddling bands had to match exactly, with “right” and “wrong” sides indistinguishable. This symbolized the complete harmony of inner and outward life.” (http://www.lds.org/pa/display/0,17884,7244-1,00.html)

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