New Painting by Doc Christensen – Sacrament Meeting

Doc Christensen has done it again with a wonderful new painting called “Sacrament Meeting

This painting is quite different than most LDS art and the other paintings by Doc. This painting helps members of the Mormon faith remember the true meaning of the Sacrament. Doc said that this painting came to him while he was sitting in sacrament meeting in his own ward. He gives complete credit to his Heavenly Father for inspiring him.

Sacrament Meeting by Doc Christensen

Sacrament Meeting by Doc Christensen


  1. Please tell us how to purchase copies of this painting or pay for permission to post on a blog site. I am a missionary and would love to know how this painting can be shared.
    Thank you,
    Sister Blain

  2. I am in charge of the sacrament meeting program in my ward and I wanted to get permission to use this painting for the cover. Can you tell me how I could get a hold of Mr. Christensen?

  3. This picture is particularly touching because I often have trouble focusing during the sacrament. I know that many others have the same problem sometimes and I think this could possibly be a great tool to encourage some mental involvement.

  4. This picture touches my heart, because it help me know why we as latter day saints partake in scacrament, and I am glad to know what sacrament is realy about.

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