A Day at the BYU Aquarium and Looking at Mormon Art

My wife and I decided to go to the BYU aquarium which was not all that amazing, I wrote an article about it on ezine articles at http://ezinearticles.com/?Brigham-Young-University—BYU-Aquarium&id=3766948, however, we also went to the bookstore at BYU campus. I love BYU, I only had the opportunity to go there for one semester, I graduated from Utah Valley University.

Since I created the website http://www.prophetpaintings.com I have noticed LDS art more and more. We looked all over the BYU bookstore, we noticed that none of the paintings that we offered on our websites were at the BYU bookstore, however, they do have other more traditional Mormon Art.

We also had the opportunity to go to Deseret Book, which had many paintings, some of which were framed. A common theme in LDS Art right now is patriotism.

While we were waiting at the Stake President’s office, we saw art all over the walls which helped alleviate the stress of having an unexpectedly long wait to speak to the stake president.

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