Month: February 2010

Passing of my uncle

Usually I post something relevant about LDS art or other information, however, my Uncle Scott passed away. I was unable to post at our usual time as I was attending the funeral. Prophet paintings is now on twitter @prophetpainting we will continue to post information on LDS art and other Mormon pop culture. For most current information on the LDS art community you can visit our articles


A Day at the BYU Aquarium and Looking at Mormon Art

My wife and I decided to go to the BYU aquarium which was not all that amazing, I wrote an article about it on ezine articles at—BYU-Aquarium&id=3766948, however, we also went to the bookstore at BYU campus. I love BYU, I only had the opportunity to go there for one semester, I graduated from Utah Valley University.

Since I created the website I have noticed LDS art more and more. We looked all over the BYU bookstore, we noticed that none of the paintings that we offered on our websites were at the BYU bookstore, however, they do have other more traditional Mormon Art.

We also had the opportunity to go to Deseret Book, which had many paintings, some of which were framed. A common theme in LDS Art right now is patriotism.

While we were waiting at the Stake President’s office, we saw art all over the walls which helped alleviate the stress of having an unexpectedly long wait to speak to the stake president.

Portrait of the Prophets – The Story

“I was getting ready for bed after a hard day and suddenly in my mind’s eye I saw all the presidents of the church gathered together in the celestial room and the Savior was instructing them,” recorded Doc Christensen, LDS illustrator, in October 1978.

No other illustrator had yet attempted a portrait of all the prophets of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in a setting like the Salt Lake Temple.

The first version of the painting was completed when Spencer W. Kimball was a prophet, but was also different from the contemporary version because it had all the prophets sitting with the Savior instructing them in front.  The painting took two long months to complete, and then Doc sent a print to President Kimball as a gift.

Sadly, the painting was returned with the answer that there was no appropriate place to display the painting.  In the six months following the event, Doc came to an understanding concerning President Kimball’s decision, and decided to repaint the picture with only the prophets.

With the debut of the painting, “Portrait of the Prophets,” in 1979, Doc also made his debut in the LDS community as an artist.

Portrait of the Prophets

LDS Art Found at Deseret Industries

While at Deseret Industries the other night, my wife and I had a spectacular find. We found 3 volumes of “Church History” from 1964 in excellent condition for being almost 50 years old. These were actually copyrighted by President David O. McKay. This piece of LDS art is an excellent treasure. I am an avid collector of LDS media and church history items. What a find.

Box of Church History Filmstrips

Box of Church History Filmstrips

Record and Filmstrip

Record and Filmstrip

Record and Film Canisters

Record and Film Canisters

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