Prophet Paintings Discovery

When I was serving as a missionary for the Mormon church in Florida, I became fascinated with LDS (Latter-day Saint) media. I collect everything from books, videos, and pictures to film strips and old documents. I began to notice more and more things that I had never noticed before. One painting in particular stood out to me. I saw a LDS painting that was showcasing all of the LDS prophets from Joseph Smith to, at the time, Gordon B. Hinkley. When I got back from Florida and went back to private life, I was excited when I found out that my brother was engaged to the daughter of the artist who painted that particular picture. When President Hinkley passed away in 2008, I wondered how the artist was going to add President Monson to the the painting. I was excited when soon after President Monson was ordained the prophet he was included in the painting, I never did ask him how he did that but I still think that it was pretty amazing. For more information about the Prophet Paintings and other LDS artwork, please visit

One comment

  1. Thank you for sharing the painting of the latter-day Prophets in the Temple. It made me feel reverence and love for these great leaders. I’ve never seen this painting before.

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