The Phone Call

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The LDS classic the phone call can now be downloaded or streamed for free on the LDS website here

What a great classic movie. This movie reminds youth of their potential and that they are worth waiting for the right person.

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Hoops LDS Movie

HoopsEvery now and then I like to go to my local library and check this out. For some reason this is in the non-fiction section so it is free to rent. I watch it and almost like it but it always leaves something to be desired. The idea is cool. A younger brother trying to get his older brother to go on a mission after his older brother left the MTC because he is was not ready. The younger brother and him play basketball as a metaphor for life and is the thing that brings them together. There is a short moment that is almost touching where the younger brother tell him about an experience he had in the MTC about a Sister missionary telling him that she began to feel thing with her heart rather than her mind.

This is not a terrible movie just something is missing when the older brother finally gets converted you just don’t quite feel it. The passion is not there. Both actors have let some people down with their choices and you might think that is why I feel the way I do it is not, people are human and make mistakes and I don’t condemn them at all.

It is weird even though this movie is not on my A list I still enjoy watching it every once in a while.

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Singles Ward 12 Years Later

SinglesWardI got hurt on my mission and had to come home. I got home in 2002 and my family took me to see “The Singles Ward” while I was recovering. I was blown away by how funny it was. I had never seen Mormons making fun of themselves like that before. Then just like all movies time wears on and the charm begins to wear out, then everyone starts making fun of it, and what was once cool becomes uncool. I bought the DVD when it first came out and watched it several times but then the movie laid waiting on the shelf for a few years.

I look forward to my Sunday night movie with my wife. We try to watch something that is Sunday worthy after the kids go to bed. We pulled out “The Singles Ward” last night. Both my wife and I are ex-single warders, we actually met in a stake singles ward, and the rest is history. Singles wards really have only 2 purposes, to worship and to get young adults to marry (more specifically in the temple) that’s it!

Watching this movie brought back some good memories, however, it is really dated:

  1. Pagers are really outdated, who has a pager anymore? Coincidentally who had a pager back in 2002? Even back then cell phones were pretty popular and if he was as successful as he claimed to be he should have had a cell phone.
  2. There are no paper day planners anymore, the industry has changed to electronic devices, Eldon carrying around a planner is kind of funny but does date the movie a bit, at the end him and his wife show that they have evolved and were now using palm pilots, also an outdated technology.
  3. Super Dell the computer guy, it has been a while. Nuff said
  4. Many of the guest actors have passed on or not really in the main stream anymore. and the rising generation will have no idea who they are.

Since it is based in pop culture the movie will eventually fade with time and only those older Millennials/Generation Xer or Ys will remember the show. If I were to show my kids they would have no clue.

However, this movie is still pretty funny. I think it would be a waste of time to show the movie to a non-member or recently baptized member because at that point the movie would not make sense. Most of the movie is just a bunch of inside jokes. Now that it has been 12 years why not give it a try and see what you think. Has time worn this movie out or is it a keeper?

Sisterz in Zion, DVD

PuenteSisterzI often browse through, Deseret Book and Seagull book looking for new material. On the discounted table at Seagull Book I saw this movie, “Sisterz in Zion” I grabbed a copy and decided to sit down and watch it with my wife, hey the film was cheap! The story follows some girls (mostly Hispanic) from New York City who are members of the LDS Church who go to EFY in Provo.

I could kind of relate I have been to lots of youth activities, however, I never went to EFY though.

I thought this movie did a really good job at showing the contrast between sheltered Utah and the ghettos of New York City. I guess I was pretty sheltered until I got to Venezuela on my mission and realized how different the world really was. I had extenuating circumstances and I finished my mission in Florida. I knew a lot of people in Florida just like the girls show in the film, since a lot of people were leaving New York to come to Florida when I was there (and probably still are). I visited with many New Yorkers and Puerto Ricans while there, so attitudes of the girls in this film did not surprise me at all. Coincidentally the living conditions in New York was what really surprised me, this was the first film I have ever seen that actually showed what it was like for people to live in New York. I have seen plenty of films about New York but this actually gave a clear picture of the living conditions of the many people which is sub par.

Many of these girls joined the church when they were older kids like 10 – 13 or in their early teens. It was interesting that they kind of had to learn to live like Mormons without having a lot of examples in their lives, it shows how living in Utah you have a support system that is unparalleled.

When they got to Utah they realized how clean and tidy the streets were. They were surprised to see that there were barrels of candy and other things right in the front of the store where it could have easily been stolen, something that just would have never been done in New York.

EFY was a good experience for them. They had never been around so many people with high standards and moral. Since this is just a review I don’t want to go into too much detail about each thing that happened in the film however, I would highly recommend this film to anybody I think that this film is a good film to show youth groups so that they really understand what life is like without having a support system and living the gospel solo.

One of my favorite parts of the film is when they showed clips of a S. Michael Wilcox talk about the nourishment that we receive Jacob 5:22 was quoted and he said that it matters very little where we were planted but that it is how we respond to the nourishment we receive.

At that end the Young women’s general president Susan W. Tanner speaks to them about staying strong which was quite touching, they also did a “Where are they now” segment at the end showing how this experience really shaped their lives.

I would not hesitate to recommend this movie as good way to kick back on a Sunday afternoon.

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Two Five Nine – AMEN – Missionary Music

259When I was a missionary in Florida, I found a tape of this group Two Five Nine. I absolutely loved the album, the music was a bit of a change from the hymns I was used to, however, you can now purchase the album on MP3 on Amazon. I was at the BYU bookstore about a year after my mission and found the CD, since I prefer CDs over digital downloads. I am glad I did since it is now out of print.

The song list is as follows:

Abide With Me – A variation the Hymn from the LDS Hymn book
Press Forward – Really nice song to listen to on a quiet Sunday afternoon
Sweet is the Work – Another variation of our Hymn
Peace I Leave With You – This is a song based on the word of the savior found in the book of John 14:27
I Need Thee Every Hour – Another Hymn Variation
A Mother’s Eyes – A tribute to mothers
These Are Angels – This is a great song that helps remind us that the Lord is watching out. This gave comfort to my wife when she was struggling
I Know That My Redeemer Lives – Another Hymn variation
Watch The Lamb – A beautiful song that that helps us remember the Savior, it is like watching a movie in your mind
Where Can I Turn For Peace – “. . . He understand me . . .” I love this variation of the popular hymn
O Lord, My Redeemer – Great song to remind us of the Savior
Two Little Boys – A lesser known song about two boys who grow up playing soldiers and become soldiers themselves. This song is fun to listen to
Amazing Grace – Not sung very often in our church meetings but beautiful none the less.
Little Innocent Lamb – Sounds like a Bible belt song to me but is really really great to listen to
There is a Meetin’ – Sounds like another Bible belt song really great

Some of the songs are a bit out of the ordinary LDS mold but I really enjoyed listening to this on my mission and really enjoy listening to it now.

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I Hope They Call Me On a Mission, When I Have Grown a Foot or Two

This painting entitled “When I Have Grown a Foot or Two”  by our newest artist Chris White is a fantastic painting for, baptisms, birthdays, priesthood ordinations etc. You could also put this painting in your child’s room to help them remember the missionary service they will be asked to serve in the years to come. We are pleased to have Chris White as part of the family.

I Hope They Call Me On a Mission

Mr. Wizard’s World DVD Sets

Although this would not be considered a Mormon thing. Many Mormon children who were baby boomers, or those that grew up in the late 80s early 90s would remember Mr. Wizard. When I was about 5 years old I would watch Mr. Wizard’s World all the time. I loved the show. Recently I found the website here you can buy box sets of the show from the 1950s and 60s called “Watch Mr. Wizard” you can also purchase the Nickelodeon version as well that was done in the 80s. My boy who wants to be an Astronaut when he grows up loves the show as it teaches about science. Although the box sets are a bit of money they are well worth the cost. You will get hours of entertainment from them. Think about it, you go to Denny’s and pick up a sandwich, fries and a drink and pay 20 – $30 or $70 if you take your whole family. For about that much you can get a large set of Mr. Wizard DVDs that will last a lifetime.

I would recommend to anybody that they get these, this is what peaked my interest in science and technology.

Witness For His Name Sister Missionary Armor Of God

Witness For His Name - Doc Christensen

Witness For His Name – Doc Christensen

We Need more sister missionaries!

Sister missionaries are amazing and now with the lowering of the age of sisters being able to go out at age 19 we need as many as we can. I had a missionary companion that used to say that the reason that sisters served for 18 months instead of 2 years is because they did twice as much as the elders in the shorter time. This painting is available at

The Resurrection and the Life – New Year’s Resolutions

It is that time again to make and keep your New Year’s resolutions. My resolution is to be kinder to my family my children and to be less critical. Whatever you do you should follow the example of Jesus in the making and keeping of your resolutions. Here is a painting by Doc Christensen called “The Resurrection and the Life” that helps us remember Him. Let us all seek to be kinder as he is, wise as he is and loving as he is in 2014.

The Resurrection and the life by Doc Christensen.

The Resurrection and the life by Doc Christensen.

L.B. Lee 1989 – Prophets Drawing

We recently had an individual ask us about the value and information about this drawing. The drawing shows head shots of each prophet from Joseph Smith to President Benson. The artist signed the drawing with L.B. Lee 1989. They said it was a gift that has been in the family for years. If you have any information about this drawing or are interested in it please comments on this blog post or email us

By L.B. Lee

Prophets by L.B. Lee 1989

Christmas Is Here Again

Christmas-is-Here-AgainIf you want a movie that will melt the heart of even the grinchiest of scrooges this is your movie. This is a cartoon that shares what the world would be like if there was no Christmas and then goes on to show you a little girl who helps bring Christmas back to the world.

Santa’s enemy Krad steels Santa’s sack (which was made of out of the swaddling clothes) and Christmas goes dark for over 30 years. Until this is all uncovered by a little Girl name Sophiana. Sophiana and a group of friends find Krad and help recover Santa’s sack in time for Christmas. There is a surprise ending that makes the movie fun.

The animation is old school. The music is good. The girl who play’s Sophiana’s voice is fantastic. If you can get one of your grinchy relatives, although they probably would not admit it this movie will melt any ones heart.

Sister Missionaries are the Real Tough Guys!

So when I was on my mission, the sister missionaries were tough, the reason that they only serve for 18 months is because they do twice if not three times as much as most elders do in two years. I am so excited that the missionary age was changed to 19 instead of 21 for sisters. We need more sisters to bring the gospel to others. This painting called “Witness for His Name” reminds us of the sacred role that our sisters do for the missionary program and the church.

Witness For His Name - Doc Christensen

Witness For His Name – Doc Christensen

Scripture Study – Spending Time With Family

This holiday season people will be spending time with family and friends. However, we are asked to spend time with our family weekly on with Family Home Evening. We should not have to wait until Christmas to spend time with our family. This painting by Doc Christensen reminds us of the great opportunity that we have to share the gospel and the scriptures with those that we love. The painting is called Scripture Study.

Scripture Study - Doc Christensen

Scripture Study – Doc Christensen

A Soldier’s Prayer – in Your Christmas Prayers

My father served in the military although he never saw war upfront as he was in the reserves I respect him for his willingness to do so if he had been called up to do so.

I have friend who have served their country proud. Although there is political tension, as far as what should or should not be done with the wars going on; and we know there will be many, I still find it somewhat comforting that many who are out serving our country are also praying for this country. I would ask that in your Christmas prayers this year take time to pray  for our soldiers and ask for their safe return home. click here for more information about a Soldier’s Prayer.

Solider Prayer by Tim Bird

Soldier’s Prayer by Tim Bird

BYUtv Now and Then

When I got back from my mission in 2003, I was excited because BYU had a new station called BYUtv at first I thought it was really cool just coming home from a mission, it was all LDS based programming, not just public broadcasting like its KBYU counter part. After a while I started getting tired of Scripture study, General Conference, Education Week, and Simply Living. It was like I was watching general conference all the time. I epsecially disliked the show “Simply Living” the name of the show should have been “Simply Feeling Guilty” it basically just gave you some lady’s opinion on how she thought you should live your life and wanted you to feel guilty for all the things you were not doing right, like spending too much, over eating, and not having your food storage.

About 2 years ago I started noticing that the programming was starting to change. BYU began to branch out and get a bit more “hip” (so to speak) they left the old 24/7 general conference format and moved towards other entertainment. They created a show called “Studio C” which was kind of the “genesis” of this new move, a comedy troop that does a Saturday Night Live type of show with family friendly humor. 5 years ago that would not have even been considered. They created show called “Granite Flats” that it also fun, and “American Ride”.

They have even created great movies like “Silent Night” and the “Letter Writer” I am pleased with the change.

This is what the LDS community wants to see, I am so glad that the old ways of the Church only creating show that make you feel guilty and sermons have been replaced with shows to entertain and inspire. You think that it would have happened sooner but all in the Lord’s timing.

I can now watch all this stuff my ROKU which allows me to stream it to my TV.

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What Does Christmas Really Mean to You?


I avoided calling this post “The True Meaning of Christmas” because I think that is cliche. What Christmas might mean to me is different than what it might mean to another. For example some people might say that it is about the Saviors Birth, (which is what we celebrate) I believe that it is about his life. Christmas is a Christian holiday but it originated from the Catholic Church. Christ’s Mass became Christmas. I have great respect for the Catholics and appreciate what they gave us with Christmas. So for some they might feel that the celebration of Christmas is pagan because of its roots. I love Christmas and I love studying about the life of Jesus. 

I remember when I was about 9 years old we had a Christmas program at our church they did some songs but had a slide show showing the life of Jesus Christ. I asked my primary teacher how long did Jesus live she said 33 years. That was the first time I had ever heard that. This slide show began a life long love of studying the savior life. The true meaning of Christmas is that he lives and he loves us.

One of my favorite paintings is the Hands of the Master, which I think exemplifies what Christmas should be about His life and what he did for us.

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Christ and the Dove Painting

CDove-Lrg-1We are pleased to carry this painting by Doc Christensen. Christ and the dove is a great painting that shows and expresses Doc’s devotion and testimony of Jesus Christ. With all of the negativity in the world and the hatred, we should sit down every once in awhile and ponder upon the peace that the testimony of Jesus has in our lives. We hope that you find joy and love as you ponder the message of this painting. For more information about Christ and the Dove, please visit

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Roku a Good Idea for Mormon Families

Back in 2011 I was trying to find some information on some old television shows that I used to watch when I was a kid. I found that I could watch those episodes on Amazon Instant, however, I was not going to

get them becasue I thought that I would have to use my computer to watch them. I did some research and found that I could stream them to my TV, now I am not much of a streaming kind of guy I prefer owning the DVD because that way I get more freedom. The way I could stream them to my TV was from a little device called the Roku. When I say little device I mean it is a little device. The device is about 3 inches by 3 inches and about 1 inch deep, it can connect through HDMI or regular inputs. My wife was not sold on the idea but I got a Christmas bonus and purchased one and now my wife is hooked too. The reason it is such a valuable tool for Mormon families is:

  1. You can get access to the Mormon Channel 24/7
  2. You have access to BYUTV
  3. You have access to PBS and KBYU shows
  4. You have access to cooking channels
  5. They are all FREE

There are paid services but most of things that you would want to watch would be free, the box itself ranges from $60 – $100. I do pay for a few services such as the Story of Liberty. There are tons of great stuff I would not hesitate to get one again.


A Leap of Faith

Leap-LrgThis painting called “Leap of Faith” by Doc Christensen reminds us that we need to have faith and hope in Jesus who will catch us when we have faith. The painting is inscribed with the following statement:

“Though the chasm which stretches between you seems boundless, the savior requires that you turn from where you stand and go to him. Trusting in him, willing yourself to make a  leap of faith”

This painting is now available. This is a great painting for youth and even missionaries.

Don’t get discouraged, never give up, be confident!

The Christmas Child

Christmas_ChildMy wife and I try to do a Sunday movie night after the kids go to bed. Last night my wife and I watched the Christmas child. The movie was about a man who had been adopted and he never knew anything about his birth parents. His birthday was on Christmas Eve and he knows that he was born in Clearwater Texas because of a photograph of a church, that he had obtained from his fathers safe deposit box. His wife wanted him to stay home instead of taking an assignment in Dallas, since he has been distant from her in recent months. He goes to Texas, with the hope of finding out about his birth, but does not explain that to his wife, she thinks that he is just being selfish and leaving only to focus on his career. He ends up finding out about his birth mother and his grandfather after he does an investigation. I won’t spoil the ending cause it is quite powerful.

I love the spiritual nature of the film. The man ask “Can a man change?” and his Grandfather says “I hope so” I think that is all of our hopes.

The film uses the talents of Steven Curtis Chapman who does a great job, he tells the man that we have not only earthly parents, or adopted earthly parents that love us very much but also a Heavenly Father who loves us. It was interesting that they used the name “Heavenly Father” which is used not as often in other Christian circles other than the LDS church.

I find the movie comforting to me.

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Pictures For Your Child’s Baptism Gift

Prophet Paintings is proud to offer a new print for baptisms. “Girl at the Font” and “Boy at the Font”. While on my mission, I saw Catholic pictures of Christ sitting with the children sharing Communion even though different than how we might perceive things, I thought that was a cool concept, little did I know that Doc Christensen would come up with something similar that meets the needs of an LDS audience. We are please to announce the arrival of these paintings and are excited to offer them an exclusive of

The print comes in two flavors, one for a Boy baptism and one for a Girl baptism. We hope that you feel the sacredness of these paintings.
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fontB-Lrg fontG-Lrg

The Oak Ridge Boys Christmas

Oak Ridge Boys ChristamasA few years back, I went to the Conference Center and watched the Oak Ridge Boys performing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. It was incredible. The choir began to raise the roof with their hand begging the Oak Ridge Boys to perform their signature song “Elvira”. The lead singers was told by the choir members that it would not be an Oak Ridge Boys concert if they did not sing the song Elvira. So they sang the song and you could see the choir rocking out. It was different to say the least.

One song that they performed stood out to me “Thank God for Kids” a simple song about how we need to treasure the moments with our children. I went to Deseret Industries and looked for  any Oak Ridge Boys albums I could find on LP (Vinyl Records).

I found the “Oak Ridge Boys Christmas”

which I fell in love with. However, old records are clunky they are cool but clunky. I listened to it over and over again last Christmas.

For family performance we found the sheet music to the song “Thank God for Kids” and sang that for our family program we do every year.

I have lots of favorite songs on the album, one that stood out to me was the song “little One” which is a song about a dad who sees his little daughter sitting next to the fire place as she dreams of Christmas and he is excited in his heart that Christmas is here for his daughter and he takes her to bed. Then it switches to Joseph and Mary. Mary rests and Joseph marvels at the new little boy and is excited in his heart that God now has taken on flesh and come into the world.

I tried to find the CD and thought I had found it but it was the wrong one there are two albums both are good but the “Oak Ridge Boys Christmas” is superior to “A Christmas with the Oak Ridge Boys” I finally went onto Amazon and actually found the right album. I look forward to listening to it this Christmas. I start celebrating Christmas at Thanksgiving.

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BSA 100 Years of Scouting in the Church

I was one of the privileged people to attend the 100 year anniversary of the Boy Scouts and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. What a magnificent production, everything from the costumes to the music and more. It was a great production, I sure hope that even though streaming is taking over as a preferred method of watching videos that the Church decides to release it on DVD or Blu Ray. You can watch the production on or on the website. If you have a ROKU like I do you can stream it directly to your TV the picture quality though is less than optimal.

The church did a really great job with the program.

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Charlie Brown Holiday Specials

Though not a Mormon thing, the Charlie Brown holiday specials will always have a place in my media library. We recently purchased the Charlie Brown holiday specials on Blu Ray. This was great decisions. They are quite spiritual in nature. In a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, Linus quotes one of the original Thanksgiving prayers. In a Charlie Brown Christmas, Linus reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas by quoting the King James Version of the Christmas story found in Luke 2.

The Great Pumpkin is fun though not too spiritual of a message or meaning. However my 1 (almost 2 year old) daughter was running around the house yelling “Great Pumpkin, Great Pumpkin”

In a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Charlie Brown is convinced to host Thanksgiving he serves toast, pop corn, jelly beans, and pretzels, he is chastised for doing so by his friends. my wife and I both agreed that our children would rather have that Thanksgiving dinner than a traditional turkey, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce. Our children unfortunately are picky eaters, however, all those things they will eat.

Mormons love the message of Charlie Brown.

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Joseph Smith Plates of Gold – Blu Ray Review

I purchased “Joseph Smith: Plates of Gold” on blu-ray. I watched it Sunday night with my wife. I loved the film. A few things stood out to me.

  1. Many of the actors were significantly younger than they usually are in such films. Joseph Smith was quite young and so was the actress that played Emma. This helped me realize that Joseph was indeed quite young when these events took place. Emma and Joseph were in there early 20s.
  2. The movie focused on one event. Usually these kinds of films try to tell the whole story which would take a mini-series, I would assume that creating a mini-series is actually what they are trying to do since this was called “Volume 1” don’t know if we will see “Volume 2” anytime soon though.
  3. The blu-ray transfer was amazing, I noticed this even though my TV is old and only displays 1080i I still thought that the quality of film or digitization was great.
  4. Very good Camera techniques, there is a shot where Emma and Joseph are talking, Joseph is in the background, and while Emma is speaking Joseph becomes blurry and then they switch for dramatic effect.
  5. They did the Book of Mormon chronology correct. Most of the time when the translation of the plates is portrayed they start with “I Nephi having been born of goodly parents . . .” Joseph started out in the Book of Lehi, when the pages were lost, the they actually started out either “Words of Mormon” or “Mosiah” and then translated until he came to the Books of Nephi. It was good see them being as accurate as possible.
  6. They told the story without any special effects, was this to save money? Perhaps it was, however, I kind of think it was a style choice. In today’s world special effects are actually quite affordable. I think this allowed for the story of Joseph Smith to be told keeping the main things the main things. It allows us to look at what happened to Joseph Smith by faith.

I do have to say that the films the Church produces have more of the spirit with them, this is because they are Church approved and they prayed over and worked through by the First Presidency. The spirit of this film was not quite the same as the films produced by the Church however, it was still very well done. I also like that the film showed Joseph as a real person.

I recommend this film to anyone who likes LDS films. I always recommend that you watch movies in blu-ray you will get better quality than, DVD or streaming.

Below is the trailer for this film, enjoy!

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It’s a Miracle – LDS Stage Play – Janice Kapp Perry

So the other day I was going through my movie collection and found “It’s a Miracle” an old LDS stage play from the 1980s. What a great little movie. My wife was mad at first that I was forcing her to watch it, but, by the end we were both reeling on the couch from laughter. It is a very funny insightful, though dated, stage play. My wife did not grow up with the film but she did grow up with the music and she was excited, she had the sound track growing up. Unfortunately the video tape copy that I inherited from my Grandmother had some audio problems. I quickly went on the internet to try to find a copy on DVD and I found a copy on Janice Kapp Perry’s website.

This movie is great and I would recommend it to anybody who enjoys Mormon stage plays and wants a trip down memory lane.

You will want to consider getting this soon before it goes out of print and you can’t find it anymore.

DVD Cover for It's a Miracle

Here is the cover for the film. The added bonus is that the DVD also comes with a CD of the original soundtrack a great added bonus.

Song Titles

  • It’s a Miracle Overture
  • How Can I Thank Thee
  • Me, a Missionary
  • I Know Everything
  • Forever I Love You
  • Beyond This Moment
  • Michael’s Decision
  • It’s a Miracle (reprise)
  • In the Hollow of Thy Hand
  • A Missionary’s Prayer
  • MTC Victory Song
  • We’re Companions
  • I Love To Be a Guardian Angel
  • Where Is Heaven
  • He’s All I Ever Wanted
  • Well Done
  • It’s a Miracle (finale)

I remember back in the 80s and early 90s when you would go to a missionary farewell and the musical number would consist of a choir of 16 – 18 year old girls singing “In the Hollow of Thy Hand”, watching the movie helped me remember the sacredness of the song and that it was meant to be a song that was a message from a father and mother to their missionary son. I used to not like the song because of the stigma it received from missionary farewells, I am glad I can appreciate the true meaning of the song. There are two other references to the “hallow of thy hand”  an old Irish blessing:

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Isaiah speaks of the hallow of His hand in Isaiah 40:12

“12 ¶Who hath measured the waters in the hollow of his hand, and meted out heaven with the span, and comprehended the dust of the earth in a measure, and weighed the mountains in scales, and the hills in a balance?”

Enjoy this great piece of forgotten LDS pop culture.

Introductory Gospel Messages on DVD

I have been waiting for this for a long time the Church is finally releasing Introductory Gospel Messages on DVD which includes:

Five gospel segments, Our Heavenly Father’s Plan, Together Forever, What is Real, Labor of Love, and The Prodigal Son.

While I was serving a mission in Orlando Florida, I had an old video tape of these in Spanish. These were some of the best films about the Church you can obtain these at a Church Distribution center, the only concern is that the website does not have the English version of these DVDs. You can also purchase them on Deseret Book or Deseret Book’s website.

I would show a picture on here but I am not able to due to copyright restrictions. Go pick up a copy today at your local distribution center:

Five gospel segments:

  • Our Heavenly Father’s Plan – This is that video with the guy on a horse talking about his conversion to the church
  • Together Forever – Talks about the importance of marriage and how to strengthen marriage
  • What is Real – A film that has James Hampton who was in, Hawmps! and Teen Wolf
  • Labor of Love – A film about missionaries and their service
  • The Prodigal Son – A film about forgiveness and repentance

Hope you enjoy the movies.

Santa Claus as a Fantasy

During the Holiday season I pondered on how to approach the idea of Santa Claus. One of my favorite things to do is to watch movies that tell the stories of how the “jolly old elf” came to be. Such classics as:

  • Santa Claus is coming to Town
  • Santa Claus the Movie
  • Santa and Pete
  • Christmas Story (the Finnish movie about Kris Kringle)
  • Christmastime is Here Again
  • Ernest Saves Christmas
  • Elf
  • Prep and Landing

I enjoy watching these with my children, especially enjoy the ones with religious references though very, very mythological and apocryphal I enjoy the feeling that they give me during the yuletide.

When it came to telling my children about Santa Claus I was not sure what to do until I was praying about it one day, then it became all so clear. I needed to treat Santa like I treat Star Wars for my children. My little boy who is 5 knows that Star Wars is a fantasy, he knows that Luke Skywalker is just for pretend. I explained to him that Santa was also just for pretend and that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus and that Santa Claus is just a story to help us understand giving to others.

His 3 year old sister heard these conversations and it did not quite sync in because she still has not grasped the idea of fantasy versus reality, but about 4-5 years old is when I have found that the distinction is made in children’s minds.

You may think that I am being like the mother on “Miracle on 34th Street” and not allowing my children any fantasy, however, that is actually inaccurate because the fantasy of Santa Claus still exists but as a fantasy. We as a family still play games, make Santa art, and tell Santa stories but with the understanding that these stories are just for fun. They also still wake up Christmas morning with gifts from us that are tagged with from Santa and love to pretend that they were given by man coming on his sleigh to their home.

This has been a big blessing in our family to teach Santa this way because:

  1. As Santa is a fantasy it allows us to enjoy stories, movies, and books about him without our children asking questions like, “how does Santa do that all in one night?” we no longer have to make up stories because if it is all a fantasy then it really does not matter.
  2. Our children don’t feel like we are hiding anything from them and when we are hiding things from them, they understand. We were wrapping presents in the other room and the children wanted to see, we told them that Santa was in his workshop and they understood and were able to go play. But they were pretending that Santa was working on his presents.
  3. We don’t destroy their faith in things that are true, when some children are older and the myth has been carried on until they are 10, 11, or 12 at that age they begin to see that the Santa Claus story does not make sense and so revealing the truth about Santa makes them wonder if the Story of the Birth of Jesus is fact or fiction or if there is a Heavenly Father. We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and have very unique beliefs that we don’t want to get confused with fantasy and this allows us to separate truth from fiction.
  4. The stories do not lose their luster. The story of Santa is pure fun, I love the story of Santa when we explain to our children that Santa is supposed to be fun and not a threat, separating the naughty from the nice children. They actually have fun and we can joke and play games pretending about the big fat jolly man and his elves. Because his story does not lose any luster the stories that matter such as the birth of Jesus don’t lose their luster either.
  5. Our children know that the presents come from us so they don’t ask for things as much. They just get excited to know that on Christmas morning we will have fun presents for them.
  6. They don’t feel threatened by the naughty and nice list.


The only challenge that I have found about teaching Santa in this way is other parents. Most parents still want their children to believe, I don’t think this is a problem but our children might try to explain how we do Santa to other children. The truth is that this can never ever be prevented especially when children start school class mates will eventually try to tell each other about the non-existence of the man in the red suit and how their parents bring the goodies and gifts. That is no excuse so we also explain to our children that other families will choose to teach their children that Santa is real and that they don’t need to tell their friends that he is not real. Our oldest child, really seems to understand and has not spoiled it for his cousin who is about 6 months younger than him.


Santa Claus is a treasured part of our family traditions but he is just one part the most important part is the birth of Jesus. James E. Talmage put it this way in regards to the birth of the Savior:

“In vivid contrast with the simplicity and brevity of the scriptural account and of its paucity of incidental details, is the mass of circumstance supplied by the imagination of men, much of which is wholly unsupported by authoritative record and in many respects is plainly inconsistent and untrue. It is the part of prudence and wisdom to segregate and keep distinctly separate the authenticated statements of fact, in so momentous a matter, from the fanciful commentaries of historians, theologians, and writers of fiction, as also from the emotional rhapsodies of poets and artistic extravaganzas wrought by chisel or brush.” (Jesus the Christ, Chapter 8)

He is not saying that we throw out all of the fun ideas; however our children need to understand the difference between fantasy and reality, and doing this makes it more fun for our children and us as parents. I still believe in Santa and he holds a place in my heart but as a fantasy not a reality.

Mormon Literature Database

As I am a collector of LDS art, media, books, and photos, I am always looking for placed to do research and I found one. is the URL for the Mormon Literature Database for BYU and has some good information though in my mind is not quite complete. I am working currently on getting a Wiki Page for LDS media created and will keep you updated when that gets completed.

My Home is Not My Home

One Saturday something particularly irritating happened, I got really angry about it, I began to yell and scream and honestly it ruined my whole day. My sister-in-law was visiting, she quickly left realizing that she probably ought to leave. A few days later I saw my sister-in-law again and told her that I was sorry that I was yelling. She said “It is your house”

“No it is not” I responded, “The house is the Lord’s house on loan”

My home is not my home it is the Lord’s home!

Looking for a LDS Filmstrip of Orem High in the 60s or 70s

I just received an email from someone who is looking for a specific filmstrip produced by the church.

This is what she wrote to me:

“Hi, My mom was in a film strip created by the church when she went to Orem high in the late 60’s/early 70’s. I believe the film was called “the good Samaritan comes to your town local highschool.” I would love to be able to locate a copy of the film. Any ideas on where to start to find something like that?


If you have any information please comment or email me at or comment on this post.

My Special Ones – LDS Family Artwork

One of my favorite pieces of LDS art by Doc Christensen is called “My Special Ones

This piece speaks for itself, however it does appear that the boy that is standing in his mother’s lap does have down syndrome. This painting means a lot to me. Although I don’t have a child with this special needs, I have know several children and adults who have. One of my favorite movies is called Shorty a story of an older man in his 50s who has this special need, it shows his life and his wish to have his favorite college football team to beat their arch rivals. The reason this is such a inspirational film is because most with down syndrome don’t live past their mid 20s. He loved everybody and everybody loved him because of his positive attitude and great outlook on life. I knew an individual who had these special challenges, he passed away at 23 years old. I know these people are close to our heavenly father.

My Special Ones

My Special Ones

In Search of Geo M. Boardman and His Art and Mrs. Milburn Button

The other day I received an email with a very interesting question, a lady from Washington State asked if I knew anything about a velvet copy of the painting of Joseph Smith originally done by Alvin Gittens but copied by Geo M. Boardman. So of course I go to Google to do some research and to my amazement I could not find anything on Geo M. Boardman. I went to the church website and no information in any magazines or literature of the Church. I wonder if Geo is short for George? I searched that too and could not come up with anything concrete. The original painting was done in 1959 the copy was done in 1969 below are pictures of the painting and the only known clues that we currently have. The painting was donated to Louisville stake probably that same year by a Mrs. Milburn Button. If anyone has any information on this that would be fantastic. Please comment below.

Message received on January 23, 2012

I am a member of the Church currently living in WA state.  I came across a pastel on velvet portrait of the prophet Joseph Smith.  It’s a copy of
Alvin Gittens’ 1959 portrait of the prophet. The portrait was made in 1969 by Geo M. Boardman and the piece was donated to a Louisville stake by Mrs. Milburn Button.  I was wondering if you know anything about Geo Boardman?

I would love your opinion on the piece also. Thank you.



Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith

Painting Signature - Geo M. Boardman

Painting Signature – Geo M. Boardman

Hands of the Master Painting – Doc Christensen

My brother-in-law is serving a mission in Russia. He will be a fantastic missionary. My wife asked him if he could have any piece of LDS art from our website what would he choose. His choice surprised me. He said he wanted to have the painting called “Hands of the Master” by Doc Christensen. I love this painting as it describes the personality of the savior through His hands.

Hand of the Master

Hand of the Master by Doc Christensen

Hands of Innocence
Hands of Learning
Hands of Healing
Hands of Giving
Hands of Prayer
Hands of Sacrafice
Hands of Forgiveness

Pollyanna an LDS Perspective

I was watching the movie Pollyanna (the 1960 Disney version) with my children today. I watched the preacher preaching hell, fire, and damnation. It was quite funny. Wonder what our sacrament meetings would be like if we had fierce preachers yelling at us.

What a great movie, this movie takes me back to my childhood. I watched this movie over and over again, however, now that I am older and an adult my perspective on the movie has changed.

I just downloaded the book by Eleanor H. Porter from and the movie is quite different from the book.

For some reason this movie strikes a chord with LDS members. I am not sure why but coming from a film background the movie is almost perfect everything from the costumes to the music. This is almost a perfect movie.

Recently BYU-TV has been playing lots of old Disney movies on Sunday nights like Toby Tyler, The Cat From Outer Space etc. The channel used to be general conference 24/7 which was okay for a while but I am glad they are showing other things. They have had several presentations on LDS art and LDS artists like Del Parsons and others. LDS members love to watch great movies that are okay for the whole family to watch I guess that is why I like Pollyanna.

Coming from a film background I found it interesting there was an old silent version of the film. I still like my old Disney version that I grew up with.

Armor of God Painting Great Missionary Gifts

I heard on that they are going to remodle the MTC and make it better, I have fond memories of entering the MTC when I was a missionary several years ago.

As I helped my brother-in-law prepare for his mission by having him stay with us while he was waiting the enter the MTC the “Armor of God Painting” and “Called to Serve Painting” have come to mind. I love these paintings. I wish that I had them while I was on my mission The painting Armor of God is a painting by Doc Christensen he actually used my brother as the model for that particular painting.

These paintings picture a missionary looking in the mirror with the savior helping them put on the whole armor of God which is a reference to the scriptures in the Bible that refer to the Armor of God.

Sister missionaries are also included in this missionary art. Doc did a painting called “Witness for His Name” a painting of a young sister missionary preparing fo the day.

Missionary art makes such great gifts for missionaries because it is something they can take with them from area to area. Small prints are great because they can carry them with them in their scriptures.

Missionaries have a tough job, while I was on my mission a former gang member and ex convict who was converted to the church told me that missionaries are the “real tough guys”

What a great experience a mission is. Missionaries love simple things like LDS art or things that they can remember why they are there.

Brendan Clary New Artist – First Presidency and Thomas S. Monson Painting

Brendan Clary, contacted us at with his new LDS art we now carry two paintings more to come. As I met with Brendan Clary I was very impressed with his art and know that one day he will be a very popular LDS artist.

Brendan Clary is a recent graduate from BYU-Idaho, where he received his Bachelor degree in Fine Art. Brendan was fortunate to study under talented professional artists while on full scholarship, and graduated in the top 5 percent of his class. Brendan hopes to use his artistic skills to express his passionate love for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is especially fond of portraiture work where he can share the Savior’s Image as it shines through the countenance of others.

Brendan is currently working at his studio in West Jordan, Utah where he specializes in private portrait commissions other religious works.

It is Brendan’s desire to use his testimony, his service and his art to help bring souls unto Christ.

We wish Brendan the best and welcome him as part of the family.

Top 10 Reasons Mormons Should Use Ubuntu Linux

Do I think that all Mormons should use Linux? In a short answer yes, however, I think that all people should you Linux. The purpose of this article is to show why Linux is a great alternative to Windows for people of the LDS persuasion.

1. More secure – People of the LDS faith don’t want garbage from the internet in their home using a good Linux distro such as Ubuntu will help aid families in this quest.

2. Indexing – Indexing is a way to make public records available in a digital format for genealogists since indexing is Java and Java is built right into the operating system it is a perfect fit for doing indexing in secure fast environment you just have to download the Java based application and program from the family search website save it to your desktop and you can index today.

3. Children – Children who browse the internet often will get viruses on the computer. Many Mormon families have a lot of children. Using Ubuntu will help make sure that your computer is virus free.

4. You can search for Kolob – Ubuntu comes with free software I personally love to download new applications for free. They have many applications that show star charts these are quite fun to look at the creations of God.

5. Get out of debt – Why buy a brand new computer only to have it slow down within a week of its first use? Computers are really cheap in today’s world. Go find a neighbor or a friend who has a computer that has some nasty virus on it that is a year to two years old and install Ubuntu on it. They will probably sell it to you for a 10% of the price they purchased it for and you will have a lightning fast computer for relatively cheap. I went to a computer warehouse and purchased a computer and a flat screen monitor for about $130 and installed ubuntu myself. When you are buying a new computer you are often paying for the operating system. Ubuntu is free!

6. Education – I can’t believe the amount of educational software that is available all for free! There are educational games, space demonstrations, typing lessons, and so much more.

7. Tux Paint – My little 3 year old made a picture for his me (his daddy) and printed it out for me using a program called Tux paint. These programs will teach computer skills to children early on.

8. Family History – Have you ever wanted to edit photos of Uncle Jim, or put together family histories with graphics? Well ubuntu comes with free software that you can do that with. Again there is no cost.

9. Wine – If you still need to run certain programs like your scriptures or genealogy program no problem, Wine is a program that allows you to run windows programs on your ubuntu computer. Mormons have been told to stay away from alcoholic beverages but in this case I think it will be okay.

10. Just plain better – Sometimes things in life are just plain better this is one of those times.

I run my entire business using Ubuntu Linux, I sell LDS art at

Looking for a specific LDS painting of Christ as Baby with Tribal Cloth

I received and inquiry from a lady who is looking for a specific painting. This painting was in the Ensign or New Era a few years back however, the online versions of the church magazines don’t show the original artwork. if anyone knows where this painting is please contact me at this art can probably be found in a December or November edition of one of the Church magazines. Below is a letter and description of the painting.

Thanks for your help.

Dear Brother Bowen,

Since you are involved in LDS Art, I thought you might know of a painting I saw – I could swear it was a church magazine-   of the infant Jesus in swaddling clothes, but the swaddling clothes (as explained in the caption) were the striped pattern of cloth symbolizing the tribe of His lineage.  It was a beautiful painting!  But I’ve written the Church magazines and without more information, they could not help.  Any ideas where I might turn to find this painting? Thanks so much!
I was glad to find your website – I have a very large print of the original prophets in the temple – it’s very outdated now, tho!  But still love the concept of them all together : )
V. Taylor

George D. Durrant – Artist

I am an avid reader of LDS church literature. When I was a kid a read a book by George D. Durrant. I met Brother Durrant recently and he spoke to me of his interest in getting his own artwork out the general public. He painted a beautiful water color painting of the America Fork Temple called “Houses of the Lord” I am excited to present this painting to others.

Houses of the Lord by George D. Durrant

Houses of the Lord by George D. Durrant

New Painting by Doc Christensen – Sacrament Meeting

Doc Christensen has done it again with a wonderful new painting called “Sacrament Meeting

This painting is quite different than most LDS art and the other paintings by Doc. This painting helps members of the Mormon faith remember the true meaning of the Sacrament. Doc said that this painting came to him while he was sitting in sacrament meeting in his own ward. He gives complete credit to his Heavenly Father for inspiring him.

Sacrament Meeting by Doc Christensen

Sacrament Meeting by Doc Christensen

LDS Art and Media – Updating Your Library

I received a comment the other day on my post about the filmstrips that were found at Deseret Industries. It got me thinking about the best way to update ward libraries. I actually have no authority to speak on the matter as I am not a Stake President, or General Authority to make that call. However, I will discuss how to preserve your own LDS library and how to find what you are looking for.

Now that DVDs have taken over, the church no longer produces VHS tapes. Much of the Latter-day Saint films have been converted to DVD but many have not. One fortunate thing about finding LDS VHS tapes is usually they have not been used too much and they have been in controlled environments. The main collection you will want to try to find if you are interested in finding these treasures are the 27 volume LDS film set, usually Deseret Industries will be your best bet. Sometimes you can find them on eBay but they can be quite expensive, at Deseret Industries they are 50 cent – 1$ per tape. Make sure that you store the tapes in a cool dry room, basements tend to work best.

Finding books is not that challenging, members of the church are always selling books, checkout garage sales, and again Deseret Industries.

You can often find filmstrips at Deseret Industries too, however, find a filmstrip projector can be challenging, eBay is the market place to find a film strip projector, you may also want to purchase a white screen, however, the walls of your home work too.

You can make LDS media a part of your home, you can make your library better than any ward library if you choose to, the main thing is to have fun and enjoy the taste of Vintage Mormonism.

For more LDS art visit

New Relgious Children’s Book Added to

A new children’s religious book has been published and is now available on the website the book is entitled “I Have Faith” Book 1 in the I Will Follow Jesus Series Contains 24 original illustrations Includes sheet music to original song “I Will Follow Jesus”

This Christian Children’s Book is the first in a newly released series designed to teach young children gospel principles in a simple, meaningful way. This book is exclusive to and cannot be purchased in stores. “I Have Faith” is available in softcover, 8 ½ by 11 inches in size. The type is large, and each page contains a simple phrase to help young children who are learning to read.

I Have Faith Children's Book

New Painting by Doc Christensen – Mountain of the Lord – Salt Lake Temple Art

Visit for the newest art of Doc Christensen

This beautiful painting of the Salt Lake Temple shows the saviors face looking down upon the temple. This would make a great gift for anyone. We are excited and pleased to carry this paintings on our website. This is a wonderful piece of Salt Lake Temple art.

Filmstrips Found

I received a phone call from a lady the other day who said that she had some “Book of Mormon” film strips that she wanted to send to me. She read my article on EzineArticles called A Forgotten LDS Art – Film Strip. This nice lady told me that she was going to send them free of charge. I was surprised. She told me that she had a feeling that she should send it to us. I have been collecting LDS media and other LDS art and LDS artwork for years now, that is why I started the website

I think that I might be the only person who remembers film strips. I used to use them in my Sunday School class when I taught the 10 – 12 year old Valiant Boys in my last ward. I will post pictures of them if you have questions feel free to let me know.

“A Soldier’s Prayer” by Tim Bird

Available for purchase at

I’ve been listening to family and friends talk about what’s going on in the world, and how worried they are for the future. As I was contemplating the idea of faith and hope in uncertain times, I thought of this beautiful and poignant print that I first saw several years ago. It’s very personal to me as I have siblings that serve in the military and my brother used to send me breathtaking photos taken in the air over Afghanistan while he was stationed there. I spent much time praying for his safe return, and I love this reminder that as long as we turn to that Higher Power, whoever and wherever we are, we can find a perfect brightness of HOPE.